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Revolutionary Home Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you had a wonderful 2023 and ready to achieve your dreams and goals set for 2024! Thrilled to share with you Top 5 Design trends for 2024. Be open to considering some if not all of them as it would be a good ROI on your investments.

We will be diving deep into each of them in the coming months and sharing cool design ideas and tips. So keep an eye out for our monthly newsletters.

1. Functional solutions for aging in place

As Multi generational homes and the age group of 65 and over increases everyday, the need for having ADA compliant interiors such as curbless showers will gain more popularity. So if you are considering to remodel your bathroom or a guest suite, designing it with such features will be a good ROI on your investment.

Photo Credit: Schluter Systems

2. Spa oasis for our fur babies

Step in showers in the mudroom or laundry room is a great way to groom our fur babies. For small dogs a raised shower is recommended. Add a non slip mat on the shower floor as dogs are generally fearful with slippery surfaces

Photo Credit:

3. Ultimate Destination Entertainment space

Per a recent Houzz statistic there is a 791% rise in the need for a space to gather and enjoy by homeowners across the country. And the basement or terrace levels are being transformed as the go to place to socialize. So get these spaces ready before the summer kicks in.

   Project: Kingslane Residence | Photo Credit: Anastasia Alkema

4. Moments of Zen

Work from home is here to stay. As this has now become our new working lifestyle, it has also lead to increasing levels of stress and anxiety in our daily routine. Designing interiors to minimize sensory overload will become important from Zen bedrooms to sauna bathrooms.

5. Escape to the outdoors

Nature has always proven to reduce stress in our lives. Creating an outdoor oasis will improve our wellbeing. Rooftop terraces, deck and patio will be popular in urban spaces or with homes with limited backyards.

 Project: Lake Claire Residence | Photo Credit: Anastasia Alkema

Hope these trends have inspired you to rethink on how you want to transform your home. And if you are ready to plan and learn more, book a complementary discovery call with us today.

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