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Radhika Vydianathan

Founder & Principal Designer


For Radhika, interior design has always been more than just aesthetics. Her journey began early, fueled by a childhood fascination with the intricacies of Egyptian architecture. This passion manifested into curated scrapbooks showcasing her favorite interiors, unknowingly laying the foundation for her future endeavors.


Though Radhika initially pursued college coursework in finance, her relentless love of design led her to balance both fields, ultimately earning dual degrees. This rare multidimensional expertise sets her apart, offering a unique blend of financial acumen and design sensibility.


Radhika’s professional path led her abroad, where she immersed herself in large-scale hospitality projects across Asia, including the prestigious Four Seasons Elements Restaurant in Doha, Qatar. It was through these rich cultural experiences that she discovered her true calling: designing purposeful, meaningful homes with craftsmanship reminiscent of esteemed five-star retreats.


In 2017, with a clear vision, impactful international experience, and unwavering passion, Radhika established Kalaa Chakra Interiors. Through an unwavering dedication to her clients, Radhika crafts distinctive, resonant homes. Her thoughtful blend of global flair, nostalgia, and innovation results in interiors that celebrate individuality and foster a profound sense of belonging.


Beyond her design endeavors, Radhika finds joy in playing tennis, nurturing her passion for aviation as an aspiring pilot, and cherishing moments with her supportive husband and their inspirational three-legged dog, Lexi.

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