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Meet Radhika Vydianathan | Founder & Principal

Radhika Vydianathan is known for interiors that celebrate her clients’ individuality.  Radhika is fearless in her approach to color, texture, and pattern and channels her deep appreciation of fine craftsmanship and exquisite materials to create interiors that are layered, rich and deeply personal to each client. With degrees in both Finance and Interior Design, Radhika is meticulous in her approach to budget, organization and process while imbuing her interiors with her deep respect for culture, beauty, and comfort.  Her belief is that one should fall in love with one’s home every day, over and over again.

A designer since 2011, Radhika has created and executed both residential and hospitality projects in Singapore, Indonesia, Qatar and across the United States. She received a BS in Finance from Mumbai University in India and a BFA in Interior Design from SCAD Atlanta. Radhika founded her Atlanta-based firm, KCI Design in 2017, and her work has been featured in publications such as Modern Luxury Interiors, Elle Décor, Charish, Nest Magazine and Voyage ATL among others.  Radhika is an avid tennis player as well as an aspiring pilot. She lives outside of Atlanta with her husband Rajiv and her dog Lexi.

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