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Most homeowners feel overwhelmed when it comes to making interior design decisions and may experience a range of emotions before committing to this journey. We understand your fears and are here to help remove any ambiguity and provide a clearly defined path for success.

We do so by providing a structured road map with a set timeline and investment before the project kicks off. The only surprises you will receive along the design process are gratitude goodies and yummy lunch meetings.

During the design process we take pride in providing detailed design documentation by way of sketches, CAD plans and elevations, 3D renderings, finish matrices, and more. Our thorough design documentation enables Builders and General Contractors to execute the conceptual design confidently within time and budget. When clients follow through our proven design process, they are sure to enjoy living in a home they have always envisioned. 

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about : radhika | Principal Interior designer

A double Bachelors degree in Interior design (SCAD, Atlanta) and Finance (Mumbai, India), has enabled her to bridge the gaps between creativity, budgeting and project management. Her decade of experience in hospitality design and attention to detail allows her to be a trusted liaison between clients, Architects, Builders and General Contractors.

She knows her numbers and is pretty accurate when developing a furnishings budget and timeline. She likes to keep things concise and simple; believes in teamwork and is solution driven.

If this aligns with your vision and expectations from a design firm, then fill in the questionnaire in the Contact Page and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.  Thank you for your time in learning about us.

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