2019 - Bonnie Moret Photography - Radhik

Hi! I'm Radhika,​

I was born and rasied in the vibrant city of Mumbai, India. The city’s rich diversity always offered me something new to learn and explore. I believe that’s where my love for Interior design grew. After securing a bachelor’s degree in finance, I pursued a B.F.A in Interior Design from SCAD, Atlanta; and since then, there’s no looking back.​

Today, many homeowners want their homes to embrace both, modern lifestyles and one’s cultural heritage. Having lived and worked in a few countries, I understand how cultural background can positively influence the way we live, work and play . I pay great attention to this aspect, when designing any interior space.



Along with embracing culture, homeowners  also want their homes to incorporate hospitality design elements; from restaurant style kitchens, open concept living rooms, bespoke bedrooms to multi-functional home offices. My knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, enables me to successfully create such environments which not only meets the aesthetics but are functional, comfortable and express your personality. 


  • Design influences our state of well being.

  • Design enables us to live a productive life.

  • Design should celebrate your individuality, achievements and your family.

  • Innovative design solutions are achieved when you have a strong concept, clear defined project goals and team work.

  • Continuous learning feeds continuous growth and success.


These core beliefs have helped me in my personal and professional journey. It has molded me as an Interior Designer, build some great relations and an opportunity to educate others about the subtle ways Interior design can positively influence our way of living.

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