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Lake Claire Residence - From Man Cave to Urban Cave
Decatur, GA
Full Home Furnishings
4,000 sq.ft 

Ready to elevate his townhome from a collection of mismatched man cave-style furnishings, our client envisioned a space filled with mature, stylish pieces that would warmly welcome his friends and family. We achieved this by crafting a sense of distinguished masculinity through our selections of furnishings and finishes, transforming his home into a luxurious, sophisticated haven.

Our client’s comfort was paramount, so we designed a variety of seating options and designated zones in the living room, dining area, and rooftop space. To align with the home’s contemporary architectural style, we selected complementing furnishings, including a striking live-edge wood dining table, handsome leather seating and accents, linear elements, and a blend of cool and warm tones.


The bedroom provides the ultimate refuge for our client: undeniably masculine and subtly refined. Textured concrete wallpaper, metal bedside tables, and a mix of materials and textures give this room a striking modern industrial vibe. Adjacent to the bedroom, the minimal yet well-appointed home office features a purposeful wood and metal desk and industrial built-in shelving with pops of color, ensuring this space and every other in the home distinctively personal.

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