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3 ways to achieve a modern industrial look

Design is all about layering. It is a thoughtful approach ensuring it supports my clients day to day-to-day activities along with aesthetics. Here are 3 simple ways you can create a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Enjoy reading and feel free to email me with any questions.

1. Accent wallpaper:

A textured concrete accent wallpaper was the way to go, as we wanted to create a sophisticated look for this master bedroom. Simple and makes a statement.

2. Metal accents:

These metal nightstands with an antique mirror top just seal the deal. The drawers enable my client to keep his high-tech gadgets and the top and bottom space to keep books, glassware, etc. He didn't want table lamps as he wanted ample space on the nightstand top. So we selected an adjustable metal wall sconce that met the aesthetics and also provided him the flexibility to use it as a reading lamp when needed.

3. Mixing Materials:

We used a bold leather swivel chair for additional seating, a cowhide rug, and an upholstered headboard for a splash of color. A fun way to add some personality to an otherwise neutral palette.

Check out more interior pictures of this project here.. Lake Claire Residence


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