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Designing a Bathroom: How Many Decisions Are Involved?

Any guess?

Not 5 or 10 decisions but 20 decisions.

Yes, you read it right 20!!!

Below is a breakdown of each decision and I am confident this will give you a good starting point in bringing in clarity to your decision-making process.

Bird's eye view decisions

The first three (3) decisions you need to make are;

1. What look and feel do you want to express?

(Hint: It's good to be inspired by trends, but don't blindly follow them. Make the space about you, bring in your personality)

2. What is the budget and timeline you would be comfortable to invest?

(Hint: A typical bathroom remodel would cost from $20K and above with 2-3 months to plan, manage, and execute the design)

3. Does it flow with the rest of the aesthetics of my home or bedroom?

(Hint: Goes back to Hint # 1. Good to follow the trends but what will set your home apart from others is when you can express personality in it.)

After you have the answers to the above three (3) questions, you are now ready to dive deep into the remaining seventeen (17) decisions. I have grouped decisions into 3 phases. Design and plan, fixture and finish selections phases.

Design & Plan

4. Floor plan layout - This is an important step that is always ignored and causes all the problems during the construction phase. We always like to provide design document drawings that capture all floor and wall pattern layouts, plumbing, and lighting fixture locations. And by doing so, it helps the contractors and subcontractors to complete their work effectively.

Finish selections

5. Countertop selections - Quartz, marble or granite, quartzite

6. Tile selections for floor and walls - Porcelain, stone, glass, or ceramics

7. Grout color for floor and bath tiles - This can dramatically change the color of the tiles. so choose wisely

8. Schluter color strip and profile style - For the wall transition and shower niche border

9. Wall niche - size and location

10. Floor and wall tile pattern and layout - Stacked, 50/50 offset, 1/3rd offset

11. Interior paint for floor, walls, ceiling, and trim - Flat, satin, or gloss finish

Fixture selections

12. Plumbing fixture selections - Visit plumbing showrooms like Ferguson, PDI, and Cowan Supply to manage and order all the necessary parts and components. They will be quick in getting items replaced in case of damage or defect.

13. Bath accessories - From grab bar to robe hooks. Get them ordered with the plumbing selections and don't leave it to the last minute.

14. Cabinet design and style - From stocked styles to custom, Shaker or Euro style cabinet fronts, painted or stained, the options are endless yet an important decision as it will strongly influence the look of the bathroom.

15. Cabinet organizer - Check out the Container store, hardware resources, and Rev-a-shelf for some great cabinet organization solutions.

16. Cabinet hardware style and finish - The hardware should evoke the overall aesthetic you want to express; modern, traditional, or transitional. My favorite brand is Top knobs and hardware resources.

17. Door hardware and hinge style and finish - This may need to be considered if the cabinet and plumbing fixtures do not complement it.

18. Vanity mirrors - LED backlit or decorative. Size, shape, and material need to be considered as well.

19. Lighting - If you want to add interest to the ceiling then choose a decorative fixture. If you want to keep it clean and minimal then recessed lighting should be considered.

20. Glass shower enclosure - Framed or frameless, Sliding or swing, etc. are a few other points that need to be considered as they influence the look and functionality of the space.

So here they are...20 bathroom design decisions! Now multiple 20 times the number of bathrooms that need a design eye. That's the total number of design decisions you will need to make on time. If you feel this isn't your cup of tea and would love to have an expert oversee and manage the remodel then Contact us today!

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