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10 Must-Have Features for Your New Build Dream Home

It can be overwhelming to browse through today's abundance of luxurious home features and finish choices. We have compiled a list of must-have options to help you choose.

1.  Walk-in Pantry

2.  Large kitchen with island seating

3.  Beverage station

4.  Bathroom with a sauna or outdoor sauna

5.  Bathrooms with curbless showers

6.  Dog bath in the laundry room

7.  An apartment or Guest house/suite for your parents because as of the 2019 survey, there is an 18% increase in multi-generational households (wherein there are 2 generations of adults living under one roof)

8.  Finished basement/ terrace level for entertainment.

9.  Golf simulator

10. Rooftop terraces or outdoor living

If your floor plans do not capture these features, feel free to reach us and we will be happy to review and optimize your home plan before construction and avoid any surprises, delays, and change orders. Schedule a Complementary Discover Call with us today!


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