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Basement Makeover: An Entertainment Haven

basement transformation

Although people today love to have experiences through traveling and attending concerts, there is still a strong desire to host and enjoy socializing with friends and family. Homeowners are increasingly turning to their terrace or basement levels as the go-to destination for entertainment. In fact, according to a recent Houzz statistic, there has been a 791% rise in the need for spaces to gather and enjoy across the country. In this context, we transformed the terrace-level space of a family in Roswell, GA, in five super cool ways:

1. Created an open-concept floor plan that allows for lounging and watching favorite concerts or football games. The sectional can be split apart and set aside to turn the space into a fun dance floor when needed.

2. Installed a custom show-stopper bar for dining and entertaining.

3. Added a lounge nook adjacent to the bar to provide additional seating for adults.

4. Set up a dining table that can also be used as a card table when needed.

5. Built a guest suite just in case someone parties a little too hard! The colors of the space were inspired by the bold and bright artworks that were dear to the client. You can check out the video to see the before-and-after pictures of this room.

 Consider adding a Golf simulator area, a Movie Theatre, or a game Room to your home for entertainment purposes. Is your basement or terrace level suitable for socializing? If not, schedule a complimentary Discovery call and let us assist you in bringing it to life.

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