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Escape to Nature: Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Living and Entertainment Space

Last month, we discussed how anxiety and stress can impact our daily lives. Research indicates that spending time in a natural environment can help reduce stress and anxiety. One way to create a functional and purposeful outdoor space is by dividing it into different zones. Here are some suggestions to consider when creating an outdoor oasis:

1. Consider using organic shapes for your swimming or infinity pool instead of a traditional rectangular shape.

2. A firepit is a great addition for roasting marshmallows during the winter months. Just be careful not to have a "Dennis the Menace" moment. It's a funny story that we can share in person.

3. Choose outdoor-grade and durable furnishings for your dining area.

4. Create a lounging space for reading or enjoying your favorite beverage. A hammock or hanging swing chair can be a great addition.

5. Don't forget to include a grill area for your significant other to showcase their outdoor cooking skills.

Photo Credit: Marc Mauldin Photography

Now is the perfect time to create your dream outdoor living space. Schedule a complimentary call with us today to learn how we can help you achieve it by mid-summer.


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