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Benefits of Installing a Curbless Shower in Your Bathroom

Curbless showers are becoming more popular due to the increasing number of individuals over the age of 65 and families with two generations of adults living together under one roof. As homes will need to accommodate the daily routines and activities of different age groups, bathrooms are no exception. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom or your parent's bathroom, then consider installing a curbless shower. It is a simple and modern option that complies with ADA guidelines.

 Photo Credit: Schluter Systems

Few additional design elements to consider when remodeling a bathroom for the elderly;

  • Built-in shower seat

  • ADA grab bars

  • Handheld showers

  • Door levers instead of knobs

  • Cabinet hardware with knobs and handles that are easy to hold

  • Motion sensor lighting with dimmer capabilities

  • Nonslip tiles (matte tile finish or ones with texture are recommended)

  • Raised/ taller toilet seats and grab bars next to the toilet seats

  • Rounded countertop edges/ corners

  • ADA compliant vanities

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